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Passenger Elevators

Passenger Elevators

The modern passenger lift is a simple means of transport within a building. Passenger elevators capacity is related to the available floor space. Generally passenger elevators are available in typical capacities from 4 TO 26 PASSENGERS and speed varying between 0.5 Meter/Sec. to 2.5 Meter/Sec


  • Machine: Geared or Gearless-fitted in the Machine Room on I-Beams.
    Normal Loads: 4 Passenger (272 Kgs.) to 26 Passenger (1768 Kgs.)
  • Speed: Low Rise : (Up to 6 floors) – 0.65 to 1.0 meter/second.
                   Mid Rise : (Up to 12 floors) – 1.0 to 1.6 meter/second.
                   High Rise : (12 Floor & Higher) – 1.6 meter/second.
  • Control Unit: Microprocessor based control unit is fitted in the Machine Room.
  • Drive: Variable Voltage Variable Frequency drive fitted in the central unit with open & closed loop operation.
  • Doors: Automatic Center/Telescopic Doors or Manual Imperforated and Telescopic doors.


  • Energy Efficient: Use of variable frequency drives ensures low consumption of electricity and thus power saving. Auto light ON and OFF, use of LED lights results in an immense saving of power.
  • Standardization: All lifts are designed as per IS Specifications and as per the lift directives in force.
  • Comfort: Jerk Free and Smooth Ride.
  • Space: With Vikram Elevators elevators it is no Optimization longer very critical to consider while deciding to install an elevator whether the same has to be with or without a Machine Room. Space- optimization is done through efficient design.
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